The Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget (JLCB) is composed of the members of the House Committee on Appropriations, Senate Committee on Finance, and the Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means and Chairman of the Committee on Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs.

R.S. 24:651-656 provides for the primary statutory authority of the committee. The committee is created and established as the budgetary and fiscal representative of the legislature to assist the body in its responsibilities under the Constitution of Louisiana and to provide the legislature with information. During the interim, the committee is authorized to approve or disapprove transfers of funds and to approve requests for use of interest earnings and for change orders for capital constructions projects.  The committee is often extended broad authority to interpret and oversee implementation of legislative intent in regard to fiscal and budgetary matters.

The committee staff rotates every two years between the House Fiscal Division and Senate Fiscal Services. From January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017 the Senate Fiscal Services will staff the committee. Additionally, the Legislative Fiscal Office and the Legislative Auditor assists the committee in the performance of its functions and duties.

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Committee Staff
Sherry Phillips-Hymel 
Senate Fiscal Services Division
(225) 342-8894

Raynel Gascon 
Senior Secretary
Senate Fiscal Services Division
(225) 342-2062